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Calendar Model: Dwayne

Dwayne is a 26yo Tauras originally from New York City. Dwayne has lived in North East Philadelphia for 4 years. and works as a Group Fitness Instructor / Dancer / Entertainer

Ted Marx

I Enjoy learning about anything brand new to me, whether it's a new culture, someones background or just traveling to a foreign country. Some of my hobbies I love are working out, dancing my heart out and just helping people out.

Favorite Music:
I'm very much open to all types of music! I Love pop, rock, r&b, classical music, country, EVERYTHING! But some of my favorite songs are: "Teeth" - Lady Gaga "Buttons" - Pussy Cat Dolls "Baby by Me" 50 Cent and "My Chick" - Ludacris

Gymnastics and Track and Field

Favorite Restaurant:
Marathon Grill

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Shampoo Night Club

Favorite Straight Hangout:

Best part of Philly:
I love the Art Museum Area

Ideal First Date:
Just having someone treat me like Prince Charming anywhere is quite ideal for me.

What is Dwayne looking for in a partner?
Well, I'm looking for someone who is strong, and not just physically, but emotionally as well. I want someone who is handsome, exudes sexy appeal, well endowed!! LOL, and know how to treat his partner through the best of times and worst of time. He doesn't have to be rich but rich in other ways of life. I'm looking for a life partner, a husband, the father to our child, my everything.
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