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Calendar Model: Michael

Michael is a 27yo Taurus originally from Philadelphia. Michael has lived in Center City, Philadelphia for 27 years and works as a Personal Trainer/ Group Fitness Instructor at 12th Street Gym.

Ted Marx

Besides working out, I love video games, computers, anime (yea I'm a nerd in disguise lol) music, movies, texting (yea it's a hobby at the rate I do it), shopping, going to restaurants, cooking, martial arts, walking, aimless drives and dancing.

Favorite Music:
I'm very much open to all types of music! I Love pop, soft rock (I'm a sucker for 70's and 80's love songs AND house music from 1995-1997 when Q102 was good!, r&b, techno remixes of classical music.

Basketball is always fun

Favorite Restaurant:

Favorite Gay Hangout:

Favorite Straight Hangout:

Best part of Philly:
I really like East Passyunk Ave. and the Art Museum Area.

Ideal First Date:
Dinner, walk around the park, talk, get to know each other, get dessert, aimless driving is always fun, maybe hit the arcade and play each other in video games, maybe see a show of some sort. Of course this all varies, ultimately a romantic date is always appreciated!

What is Michael looking for in a partner?
I'm looking for someone who is my equal, and not just physically, but emotionally. Someone who is handsome, sexy, takes care of himself (Sharing a Healthy lifestyle with my partner is very important to me), loving, loyal, kind, fun loving, funny, (I love to laugh), A kid at heart, not all into the scene, and is there for his partner through thick and thin, I would like to make this guy my husband in the future, if he's here on

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