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Calendar Model: Natasha

Natasha is a 24yo Cancer originally from West Chester, Pa. Natasha has lived in Northeast Philadelphia for 10 years and works as a Sales associate of Foot Locker and H&M, Liquor Promo Model For Nuvo, Bartender

Karen Cornell

Singing, Acting, Modeling, Wardrobe Stylist, Photo Shoot Coordinator

Favorite Music:
A variety of different kinds…it can change from R&B one day to Opera the next and Heavy metal the day after that!

Softball(Highschool), Swimming, Basketball

Favorite Restaurant:

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Stimulus, Arouse & Authentic Parties!!!!!

Favorite Straight Hangout:
The Vault and 32Degrees

Best part of Philly:
Well downtown of course! All the shops and places for me to buy things I don’t need! LOL! I love walking down the street looking like I just walked out the movie Sex and the City!

Ideal First Date:
A date that I can honestly say is original. Nothing marks a great first impression then a very original date. Take me somewhere you think I have never been. Take me out to do an activity you think I have never done. Make me want to know what other tricks you have up your sleeve. Keep me GUESSING! Besides, if everyone took me out for the traditional dinner and a movie, how would I tell them apart!?

What is Natasha looking for in a partner?
The biggest thing I look for in a partner is HONESTY! Anyone who knows me knows I am brutally honest! I want someone who can cater to my needs even when I am being the biggest baby (which happens quite often). I want someone who is compasionate. I like a person who knows what they want and goes after it. A person who has the natural drive to succeed in life and love! At the end of the day, I want someone who is willing to give me THE GRAND GESTURE!

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