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Calendar Model: Bobbyjo

Bobbyjo is a 26yo Leo originally from Allentown PA. Bobbyjo has lived in Manayunk for 3 years and works as a EHR Implementation Coordinator @ Wills Eye Institute, Health Science Studies for Physician Assistant Program @ Philadelphia University.

Karen Cornell

Photography,Thrift shops, Coffee shops, Yoga, Incubus, and Ice Cream.

Favorite Music:
I am a serious Incubus fan...Brandon Boyd... really can you get any better looking/talented? Also somewhat of a huge Househead/Joshua Wink follower.

I'm currently involved in Vinyasa Yoga, but in the past and what I enjoy most is Soccer, and Volleyball. If I ever get the chance I enjoy Vertigo here in Philly to go climbing. That is a rarity though!

Favorite Restaurant:
Mixto, awesome atmosphere and incredible dishes.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Is this really a question...I'm a Stimulus kinda gal.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
The Barbary...Monthly Shakedown

Best part of Philly:
I really enjoy the variety of every neighborhood, but how the community works as one.

Ideal First Date:
Think an ideal first date needs to be open for conversation, so no movies, concerts, or distractions like that. I would love to just skip dinner go straight for ice cream and hit a driving range, preferably with someone who is just as horrible at hitting golf balls as myself.

What is Bobbyjo looking for in a partner?
Let's be honest attraction is a must. Attraction is not just the way you look, but how you present yourself. I look for honesty,instant spiritual connection, humor, stability, hopes and dreams these are what plays into attraction for me... I also dig someone who can look me in the eyes when they are talking and can enjoy a little sarcasm.
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