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Calendar Model: Z

Z is a 32yo Libra originally from Iím a 504 Boi. NEW ORLEANS!. Z has lived in West Philly for 3 years and works as a Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Tara Lessard

Writing sarcastic and witty yet intellectual and engaging pieces. Managing my personal blog. Feeding my Facebook addiction. Debating. Making money. Riding my bike around Philly in the desire to get more fit then being so out of breath and sweaty that I think to myself 'why didn't I drive?'. Bartending. Counseling addicted trans-folk. Blogging for random and varied folk like Bklyn Boihood and PhillyGayCalendar. Being a co-host of Queer 2 the T. Sitting on panels and doing workshops around whatever topic folk think I'm expert enough on to sit on a panel or conduct a workshop on. Dreaming about writing for The Onion. Texting. Spontaneously, hopping a bus or a plane to visit family and friends. Working out hard core but struggling to eat right. Attending first Fridays and low key non-clubbish events. Visiting the South and absorbing all that I miss about it. Getting my passport stamped as often as possible. Bartering. Making my mama laugh. Being the 'bridge between the hood and the ivory tower'.

Favorite Music:
My musical tastes run the gamut. I can go from Rashaan Patterson to Kristy Lee to Wacka Flocka to Vanessa Bell Armstrong to Toby Keith to Duffy to Little Brother to Alan Jackson to The Beatles all before noon. My love of music so integral to my very person, that rarely can I say 'I donít like...'

My favorite sport to play is basketball although my skills have grown to be sub-par. Despite not knowing how to play, I am considering joining the Philly Gay Football League as I was assured by some members that this small fact would not be a problem.

Favorite Restaurant:
Just like music, food is me and I am food. I have far from one favorite restaurant. Plus Iím the epitome of a Libra, so my inability to decide is huge.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
I donít hang out in very many gay-specific spaces. But I do enjoy Tabu. Them BBQ wangs! Yessssssss!

Favorite Straight Hangout:
I don't stratify my social life based on sexual orientation. I just like to hang out and have fun. But in the spirit of conformity, I do enjoy first Fridays with a seemingly straight group called VVM.

Best part of Philly:
In my humble opinion, the best thing about Philly is its location. It is a hop, skip, and jump from major cities like DC, Baltimore, Richmond, NYC, and Boston! That's not half bad.

Ideal First Date:
Something non-standard. Not the typical dinner and drinks. I'd enjoy something truly fun. Maybe even something that brings out our inner-children. I'd love for it to be non-stressful and full of non-awkward laughs. I'd like to not feel like I am on a 'first date'.

What is Z looking for in a partner?
I love an around-the-way girl. Someone with that je ne sais quoi. Something that feels unique and tender and sacred. Someone that recognizes that and acts accordingly. I look for reciprocity as unrequited love bites.

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