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Calendar Model: Kenny & Zeus

Kenny & Zeus is a Kenny is 27, Zeus is 29yo Kenny is a Capricorn, Zeus is a Libra originally from Kenny is from Southampton, PA and Zeus is originally from Ithaca, NY. Kenny & Zeus has lived in Philadelphia, PA for Kenny has been in Phlly since he was 18, while Zeus has been in Philadelphia for 5 years and works as a Kenny owns a corporate catering business called Wolf Street Catering. Zeus is a Healthcare Consultant.

Photos by: Alexander John

Kenny's favorite thing to do has always been to cook. He could spend an entire day at work preparing catering for other people, and want nothing more than to come home and cook again. Zeus likes Money, Health, Fitness, and aliens.

Favorite Music:
Kenny has an obsession with Donna Summer. After she passed away last year, he tattooed “I feel love” to his wrist in her honor. My favorite song of her’s is Could it be Magic. He likes Vanessa Carlton and Mandy Moore, while Zeus likes Queen, Kylie Minogue, and Pitbull

Is cooking a sport? Running, lifting, and soccer

Favorite Restaurant:
Marigold Kitchen and Mixto

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Woody’s and Tabu is where they always seem to end up.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
uh ... Trader Joe’s? The Wishing Well

Best part of Philly:
During cold weather like this, it's hard to remember how great of a walking city Philly is. Many other cities require a car or hours on public transportation to travel from one end to another. I tend to stay in a lot during the winter, but when it's nice out I love to take walks with the dog.

Ideal First Date:
Margaritas and dinner in the backyard of the Baja Room, followed by a walk down Addison street to see the lights and talk about life, followed by a walk through Rittenhouse park for some capogiro gelato and ending with a few drinks at STIR and a goodnight kiss. For our second date, we went on a carriage ride through historic Philly and then to mini-golf at Franklin Square. It was a great date because it kept us talking and gave us the chance to get to know each other better while having fun.

What is Kenny & Zeus looking for in a partner?
Kenny: "Zeus motivates me every day. Because of him, I work harder in my own business and set high goals for my future and our future together. He is my biggest fan. It’s great to feel so much love and support from one person. He is also insanely gorgeous and everything I could have ever wished in a future husband.

Zeus: "I love Kenny's self-sufficiency and his ability to be completely in the moment."
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