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Calendar Model: Gary

Gary is a 29yo Gemini originally from Cumberland, MD. Gary has lived in In the center of the Gayborhood for 3 years and works as a Manager of the Philadelphia Sports Club

Mike LaMonaca

I love to ski! I like to travel to Miami and Europe. I have plans to go to France and Spain next.

Favorite Music:
Techno/House mix, but right now I love the Tina Turner Greatest Hits album

I don't play any sports right now, but I'd love to get involved with baseball.

Favorite Restaurant:
Tangerine and Valanni

Favorite Gay Hangout:
I love Bump for just a quick drink.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Continental, Blue Martini, anywhere in Old City

Best part of Philly:
Philly has a very cozy feeling. It feels like a small town with all the benefits of a major city. I go to Manhattan all the time, but still like the warm homey feeling of Philly. Plus it's close to the mountains and the beach!

Ideal First Date:
I hate first dates. I'd rather meet someone in a relaxed setting and really connect with them, or meet someone I think is unavailable and get to know them and realize later that they are interested in me.

What is Gary looking for in a partner?
I wants someone honest, healthy, someone who takes pride in who they are. I want someone who is confident - but not cocky, someone who "gets it". Someone comfortable with himself. I want someone who has a good balance, soft and warm but also strong and masculine.

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