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Calendar Model: Marcous

Marcous is a 21yo Leo originally from North Carolina. Marcous has lived in Wyndmoor, PA for 3 years and works as a Full-time Student/Bartender

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I have a very eclectic list of hobbies that range from working out and reading to shooting at the range and dancing at the club. I love trying new things and traveling as well. I'm always down for an adventure and I'll never pass a carnival/fair without stopping to enjoy the festivities.

Favorite Music:
You pick a genre and I'll pick the song! I love music of all different types, but to name a few there is: John Legend, Frank Ocean, The Weekend, Lanna Del Ray (the older stuff), Pink, Ed Sheeren, Krewella, Marilyn May, Frank Sanatra, Lenard Skynyrd, Queen, Elton John, Tracy Chapman, Regina Spector, The Eagles.

I was a swimmer in High School and loved sporting events but have since lost touch with most sports. I still love to attend Phillies games however and am ever hopeful for a win!

Favorite Restaurant:
Let me preface by stating I love food! There are many great places in both Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia areas, however, my current favorite is Paris Bistro in Chestnut Hill. The food is French with an American flare that makes it perfect for someone like me.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
The atmosphere of both Knock and Ubar are great for me if I'm just out to enjoy a few drinks with friends as well. But usually when I'm with my friends, we are out to dance and enjoy ourselves, so it's the dance floors of Woodies or Voyeur.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
My favorite park in Philadelphia has always been Rittenhouse; no surprise there as it's so beautiful. I enjoy reading my books on the grass or benches. I also really like the old city area where there's always a lively feel for anyone looking to enjoy time out with friends.

Best part of Philly:
Philadelphia seems to me like the perfect mix of crowded, bustling, exciting city life and genuine, mom and pop small town life. There's truly something for everyone and always someone who is willing to help out.

Ideal First Date:
An ideal date for me would be something where we both got to talk and learn about one another. Maybe over a nice dinner with some wine or something. There would need to be lots of laughter some sexual tension and solid conversation flavored with the occasional innuendo. If it goes well there should be after dinner plans as well though. Maybe salsa dancing classes, ice cream and a stroll though a park.

What is Marcous looking for in a partner?
For me the ideal partner is one who understands their own worth and tries every day to make me smile and laugh because they care. Looks are important but only go so far. The ideal partner takes pride not only in me and how I look but himself and his own appearance. The most important thing for me though is that they are genuine, and loving.
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