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Calendar Model: Mark

Mark is a 26yo Virgo originally from New York. Mark has lived in Philadlephia for 2 years and works as a Retail Development, Store Manager

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Outside of work, you can catch me at the gym. I really enjoy lifting weights, Cross Fit, TRX, Cardio Kickboxing, and Spinning. I'm even studying to receive a certification in personal training through NASM currently. I really like tattoo designs.

Favorite Music:
Hmm... a little of this and little of that. I love listening to Sia's album while I'm cleaning my apartment. However, I'll turn up in the morning on my way to work listening to Fetty Wap lol. We can't be friends if you don't like Beyoncé.....

SLEEP, I am a huge fan of sleep.

Favorite Restaurant:
Does Reading Terminal Market or Insomniac Cookies count? I could walk around Reading Terminal for hours just eating shit. I find myself at Insomniac Cookies when I've been at the bar to long and I'm not return back home to Mr. Right.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Woodys and Icandy is cute sometimes. I really haven't experienced to many local gay hang outs within Philly. Wouldn't mind it though...

Favorite Straight Hangout:
I seem to find myself on South Street a lot. Nice bars, good food, and I have a great barber shop that I go right across the street from Big Gay Ice Cream.

Best part of Philly:
The hidden art that lives all around the city.

Ideal First Date:
You and me, the gym, weights, pizza, glass of wine, separately go home and text each other good night.

What is Mark looking for in a partner?
Well, color doesn't mean much to me. Love is Love. I like a guy that doesn't take himself too seriously but still has a sense of direction. Physically, I like someone that is as fit as I am. I wanna gym partner too. I'm a short dude so I don't like guys that tower over me.
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