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Fiona's Script
A refreshing look at love, break-ups and hot hook-ups. A cute, twenty-something queer Latina daydreamer strives to find herself in this charming coming-of-age tale.

At the heart of Fiona’s Script is a smart, unabashed film that features a beautiful cast of characters filled with strong-willed women of color who collectively protect each other from life’s pitfalls and celebrate its successes. Adorable and shy Fiona (Sonia Montejano) cannot shake her anguish after a recent break-up with her longtime boyfriend. To avoid the situation, this volatile Latina bisexual submerges herself into her unfinished screenplay featuring a lead character, Flavia, whose story begins to whimsically mirror that of its distracted writer. Fortunately for Fiona, her spirited friends continue to encourage her to move on and not be afraid to meet others. Serendipity strikes and sparks fly when she meets a sexy hi-hop dance instructor named L who is a known womanizer. To confuse matters, this seductive tomboy is the one who her ex lusted after. Will a bewildered Fiona get out of her head and move on? Will she ever finish her script? Anyone who has ever fallen in love will relate to this effervescent and poignant work from first-time filmmaker Florencia Manovil. -- Kelly Burkhardt

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Mon, July 12
7:00pm - 8:33pm
Ritz Bourse
   400 Ramstead St.
  Philadelphia, PA
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