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Candy Shoppe: Starring La Dolce Spina
You may have heard of La Dolce Spina as the Hula-Hooping Boylesque Star, who has made a huge name for himself in one-year of performing in Philadelphia. He's won the second season of Mr. Everything, beating out 18 contestants of all backgrounds, and he's become one of the stars of Bearlesque, constantly being booked all over the place. Well, here we go. Dolce is getting his very own show! Josh Schonewolf Presents: Candy Shoppe, Sunday November 15th at Franky Bradley's! We obviously couldn't have this show without some seriously amazing performers that will help this fantasy show come to life!

Performances by

Ariel Versace

Mistor Fahrenheit

Sharp Robert

Aurora Whorealis

Mora Love

Cameron Catastrophe

Abowla Dix

And starring La Dolce Spina!

Cotton Candy Machine, Candy-Flavored Drinks, Glitter everywhere, and Tons of Surprises. Feel our fantasy November 15th, when The Candy Shoppe opens its doors at Franky Bradley's!

Sun, November 15
10:00pm - 2:00am
Franky Bradley's
   1320 Chancellor St
  Philadelphia, PA


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