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WOOF! Philly Reunion Party
After years of friends asking for it, we are proud to finally announce,

The WOOF! Philly Reunion Party!!

Featuring all the familiar faces that made WOOF! Philly a staple on Sundays.

The Bartenders you remember, The Hosts & Promoters you remember, DJ Tony Ruiz who DJ'd the very first and every anniversary party at WOOF!, Sexy Dancers, and those very friendly VIP rooms!

Hosted by Barney Medunic, Ryan Walter, & Stephen "Boyshark" Mercer

Drinks by Jimmy Moffitt "Muffy" & Joseph Ether "Boy"

Sexy Go-Go Bear Dancers!

Raffles! SWAG! Pizza! Cake!

The party will take place at Signatures Gentleman's Club at,
38 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Directly underneeth the Girard Market-Franford El Station.
On the border of Northern Liberties and Fishtown.

This is a Private Event at a Gentleman's Club, it is the sister location to WOOF! Philly's previous home at The Gold Club.
It features all the same ammenities the Gold Club made us notorious for!

And as a special thank you to our loyal guest, this party is absolutly free as a gift for the years of support!

Sun, November 19
6:00pm - 3:00am
   212 S. 13th St
  Philadelphia, PA


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