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Sunday Funday The Boo Boo's Friendsgiving
The Boo Boo's (Drea and Allie) are taking off to throw a Sunday Funday Party, "The Boo Boo's Friendsgiving". All of our friends and family are invited and we hope you bring your friends and family too!! We will be celebrating gratitude, love, and thankfulness for all. <3

The Boo Boo's Friendsgiving will be a mid-Sunday hang where we take Toasted Walnut Bar & Kitchen and turn it into our very own home!! Chelsie will be our guest bartender for the gathering!!! Thank you Chelise :) The evening will include drink specials, food, karaoke, beer pong, board games, cards, movies, laughter, love, and much more!!! We will be putting the Eagles on Toasted Walnut's big screen TV's at 8:30. So just because the event goes until 8:30 it doesn't mean we stop there. Let's cheer on those birds together until they win the Super Bowl!!!

The Boo Boo's are really exicted to finally take a day off and chill with everyone. We look forward to seeing you there!

Boo Boo & Boo Boo

Sun, November 19
5:30pm - 9:30pm
Toasted Walnut Bar & Kitchen
   1316 Walnut Street
  Philadelphia, PA


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