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Hey Philadelphia!!! I'm thrilled to announce I'm adding a 2nd night to the Boxers SportsBar line-up! In addition to "Bluffin' w/Butch", my wildly successful Tuesday night Texas Hold 'Em poker shindig, starting this week, and every Thurs night, I'll be shedding the cards (and the clothes) for the only mandatory underwear night in Philly! This party is called "BULGE" and w/a dimly lit room, deep house music and a private, roomy, comfortable upstairs space to let your freak flag fly, this NYC style, one-of-a-kind ambiance is sure to be a hit!
Not in the best shape these days? Feeling a tad bloated from all that Halloween candy? Slightly uncomfortable being undressed in public? Don't give it a second thought!!! Bulge is (and always was) a "body-positive" party! So now you have two new things to do this week. Come to Boxers on Thursday night AND get to your favortie undies store and pick up some mad hot, sexy panties to model for me, baby..! Don't forget, guys.. No loosey-goosey boxers or gym shorts, please? Hugging your "junk" is priority#1.. I mean, you know, the party IS called BULGE afterall..
So attention all fetishers & exhibitionists! BULGE starts this Thurs, Nov 16th from 10pm to 2am. 5$ Absolut / 3$ Coors Light and Yuengling 'til midnight! 5 bucks gets you in and gets your clothes checked too! Can't wait to see your bulge!!! (especially you straight guys..) Love ya, Butch

Thu, November 16
10:00pm - 2:00am
Boxers PHL
   1330 Walnut Street
  Philadelphia, PA
$ Absolut / 3$ Coors Light and Yuengling
10:00pm - 12:00am


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