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Trans Equity Project Drop-In: Self Care Matters
The Trans Equity Project, formally known as TIP, Drop-In is an affirming and safer space created each Wednesday for Trans, Gender Queer and Gender Non-conforming individuals seeking resources and/or wanting support.

149 W. Susquehanna Ave
(Take el train to York-Dauphin)

ACTIVITY: Creating A Self-Care Plan

Trauma is something many Trans individuals face daily. This is why we must take extra steps to preserve our health and cater to our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, cultural and social diets. How can we manage stress in healthy ways? A self-care plan can help us enhance our health and wellness. It can also help us manage stress. Join us as we learn to identify activities and practices that promote our health and wellness!!!

This is a closed space for and by Trans and Gender Non-conforming individuals***

Light Refreshments will be served. Tokens available for those who sign up with the Trans Equity Project program.

Wed, December 6
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Trans Equity Project, a program of Galaei
   149 W Susquehanna Ave
  Philadelphia, PA


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