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Youth HIV Advocacy Art Exhibit
Stigma, the Deadly Disease: An Art Exhibit of Project YEAH

Join us on World AIDS Days (December 1) for an art show of Project YEAH (Youth Education & Arts Advocacy on HIV).

Project YEAH is a multi-faced HIV prevention arts programs where youth are provided with the education and resources about HIV transmission, prevention and treatment so they can make well-informed decisions on their sex life. Youth also work with community artist, Erika Guadalupe Nunez, to learn how they can utilize various art forms to combat HIV stigma en la comunidad.

Participating Youth Artists:
Julian Rodriquez
Siani Cruz
Joshua Rosario
Bianca Maldonado
Naven Simmons
Phillip Rodriguez
Alize Ortiz
Mercdes Avent
Adam Tommez
Millenniua Colon

Original art pieces will be available for purchase, with all proceeds going directly to the youth artist as part of our initiative to offer alternative workforce development in the arts. There will also be t-shirts for sale, featuring the artwork of Siani Cruz, who will receive a portion of each sale.

Complementary food and refreshments will be available.

Fri, December 1
6:00pm - 9:00pm
   149 W Susquehanna Ave
  Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by: GALAEI


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