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Submission 101 w/ Galia Godel
Calling all submissives, potential submissives, and submissive-curious folks!

Do you love the thought of someone else taking control? Do you like when your partners hold you down, or spank you? Do you want to serve another person, or to please them? Do you like being overwhelmed with sensation? If so, you might be a submissive!
This workshop is designed to help anyone curious about submission to explore their wants, needs, and curiosity, whether you've been to kink events before or you've just gotten turned on reading 50 Shades of Grey. We'll discuss how to tell if you might be a submissive person, and if so, what kind of submissive you might be (yes, there are types!). We'll talk about safety and health, and how to find or play with partners who respect you. Each participant will create a map of things they might be interested in exploring, and we'll discuss communicating those interests with partners (or online bios) to make it easier to get them!

This workshop will be a 101 level overview of submissive-oriented kink and power dynamics.

Registration Details:
$20 Individual
$15 Students/Seniors w/ ID

18+ ONLY!

Special $5 Off discounts for Kink Shoppe Mailing List and FetLife Group members

Tickets can be purchased in-store or online here:

Advance Registration ends 12am Day of Event. All walk-up tix (if available) are $25.

NOTE: RSVP to event does not guarantee a spot. Advance Registration is highly recommended to guarantee a spot.

Your ticket to the workshop also gets you 10% Off your same-day in-store purchase (One-time use only per ticket.)

Presenter Bio:
Galia Godel is a Philadelphia-based sexuality educator. She has a Masters in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University, and works as a sexuality specialist for adults with intellectual disabilities. She spends a lot of time teaching in polyamorous and queer communities with a focus on healthy and sustainable relationships, self-care while handling responsibilities, and problem-solving within non-typical relationships structures. She especially enjoys running workshops about polyamory and communication, due to her overwhelming obsession with using her words.

Sun, February 11
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Kink Shoppe
   126 Market St
  Philadelphia, PA


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