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From Harness to Hogtie: Rope Bondage 102 w/ Sir Brian
So you know your rope basics: you've tied a cuff or two, you've made some cool rope gauntlets, and you have a grasp on how to restrain your partner's limbs. What next? Join Sir Brian as he takes you through how to tie harnesses, limb restraints, hogties, and decorative ties that will keep your partner nice and secure for long nights to come.

This is part two of a two-part rope bondage workshop at the Kink Shoppe. For this class, prior knowledge of basic ties and safety is recommended.

The beginners-level course is being offered on February 17th, at 4pm. A combo 101/102 ticket is available for a discounted price.

This is an intermediate-level workshop. It is recommended you attend Picking Up the Ropes on first if you are not familiar with basic ties and practice. The following concepts should be known to ensure you can keep up: nerve locations, rope extension, square knot, belt lock, corset tie, Sommerville Bowline (single and double). There will be a 15-minute review of these concepts at the beginning of the workshop.

Registration Details:
$25 Individual
$20 Students/Seniors w/ ID
$45 Couples or pairs of friends

18+ ONLY!

Special $5 Off discounts for Kink Shoppe Mailing List and FetLife Group members

Tickets can be purchased in-store or online here:

Advance Registration ends 12am Day of Event. All walk-up tickets (if available) are $25.

NOTE: RSVP to event does not guarantee a spot. Advance Registration is highly recommended to guarantee a spot.

Your ticket to the workshop also gets you 10% Off your same-day in-store purchase (One-time use only per ticket.)

Presenter bio:

Sir Brian is a professional BDSM artist and alt-sex consultant and teacher. He discovered his love of all things sensually painful in London a couple of years ago, and has been on an obsessive quest for blood and tears ever since. He can easily be found "doing stuff" and "seeing things."

Sat, February 17
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Kink Shoppe
   126 Market St
  Philadelphia, PA
$25 (discounts available on tickets purchased before 2/17)25 (discounts available on tickets purchased before 2/17)


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