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ECKC March Puppy Brunch
The East Coast Kennel Club has been holding regular brunches at Tabu Lounge in Philadelphia since June 2016.

Our goal is to create an inclusive and low-key alternative to the “bar scene”.

We are very informal and relaxed. The brunches are not sit-down events. We’re just 15-25 friends hanging out together, sipping a few drinks and chowing down on noms. It’s a good time.

Afterward some of us also go to the Bike Stop (Philly’s main leather bar), which is only a block away.

Brunches are free to attend, but we ask that you please order food/drink, in order to support a business that supports our community.

Gear is encouraged but not required. Many pups bring hoods/harnesses/collars/show tails, and sometimes the rubber pups even get suited up. The only rule is that genitals/butt must be covered.

Sun, March 11
12:00am - 3:00pm
Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar
   200 South 12th Street
  Philadelphia, PA
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