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Anal Play 101: An Introduction w/ Holly
Are you curious about anal pleasure? Anal play is a source of mystery, curiosity, taboo and apprehension for many people. It can be a bit overwhelming to approach. This class is for the newbies, the beginners, the novice butt explorers. Holly will lead you away from the myths and misconceptions about anal play focusing on relaxation, communication, and most importantly... lubrication.
Topics include: Busting myths, toys, fingering, basic anatomy, lube, safer sex practices, communication, relaxation, hygiene, penetration, and more.

Your ticket to the workshop also gets you 10% Off your same-day in-store purchase (One-time use only per ticket.)

Presenter Bio:
Holly is a part-time adult sex educator who got her start in 2006 as a product guide writer for a sex toy retailer. She has gathered her extensive knowledge of sexuality through reading, research and a lot of practice. In other words... she is a nerdy slut.

Fri, August 10
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Kink Shoppe
   126 Market St
  Philadelphia, PA


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