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In the Forest - Tangle presents immersive circus-theater
Philadelphia's innovative aerial dance company presents In the Forest, an immersive world of circus-theater that literally surrounds the audience with an dynamic 360-degree display of aerial dance, queer storytelling, live music, giant yarn sculptures, and circus magic.

In the Forest's acrobats navigate a world of secrets, shadows, trapeze, and aerial silks in this complexly woven circus story. Here, threads guide travelers into new worlds and each path is an adventure. Audiences are invited to choose their view and explore unique landscapes of light and shade, trapeze and aerial silks, live music, and twisting tales for experiences that change at each turn. The 3D sculptural set of In the Forest is crafted by interdisciplinary artist Jenna Reece, featuring thousands of yards of fabric and yarn donated by the knitters of West Philadelphia. The audience is invited into the center of this universe, for a circus-theater experience that unfolds in every dimension.

Sat, September 15
8:00pm - 9:20pm
   4014 Walnut Street
  Philadelphia, PA
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