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Animation Nation
The Women’s Film Festival (TWFF) is excited to participate in the 2018 Philadelphia FringeArts Fringe Festival with Animation Nation, a program of fun, quirky and moving short films “By, For or About” women. From the heartfelt short Billie (reminiscent of “Up”) about a dog who misses its owner, to “Undiscovered” which explains the real reason pictures of Big Foot are so hard to find, TWFF will be presenting over an hour of entertaining, amusing and thought provoking animated short films.

In addition to screening the animated films, there will also be an exciting art exhibit hung throughout HOT•BED for one night only. Curated by Moore college graduate and illustrator/designer Stephanie Czapla, the art show will showcase a variety of media by emerging local artists, some of which are part of Creating United Empowerment, a nonprofit charitable online art gallery representing women and genderqueer artists. Portions of the sales will go to Women Against Abuse.

Wed, September 12
7:00pm - 5:00pm
Hot Bed
   723 Chestnut Street - 2nd Floor
  Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by: The Women's Film Festival
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CHARITY: Women Against Abuse


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