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Fringe: David's Friend by Nora Burns
“A feisty and funny one-woman show…..her odyssey will bring alive the period and its pleasures (and poisons) with pungent animation”
-Charles Isherwood, The New York Times


Written and performed by Nora Burns
Featuring Billy Hough
Directed by Adrienne Truscott
One night only.

David's Friend is the story of a crazy friendship in 1980s New York City -- a restless city during a reckless time. It's a comic odyssey about cruising, disco, drag queens, strippers, sex, love, loss, and AIDS, told with music, videos, costumes, characters, tall tales and torrid truths.

Written and performed by Nora Burns with direction by Adrienne Truscott, dramaturgy by Lucy Sexton, and visual collaboration by Len Whitney, featuring Billy Hough, this fast-paced show is a multi-media celebration of friendship, fun, freaks, fag hags, youthful passion, changing times, emotions, memories, Manhattan and music that moves your feet to a disco beat.

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Part of Philly Fringe Festival, Sept. 6-23, 2018. Shows with gay content or characters include:
* Sept. 4-16, Do You Want a Cookie? Bearded Ladies Cabaret.
* Sept. 6-22, Fly Eagles Fly, Tribe of Fools, How do we reconcile the darker parts of things we love? Bi character.
* Sept. 7-10, More Than Tracy Turnblad, dissects stereotypes about fat people.
* Sept. 7-22, Plunge. Brian Sanders' JUNK 1960's Palm Springs dance performance.
* Sept. 8-15, Late Night Snacks. Cabaret.
* Sept. 9-22, Sfanta. A 17th C. Moldovian lesbian nun wants to become a saint for fame and glamor.
* Sept. 11-16, Almost Pregnant. A comedy about motherhood, fate and God.
* W. Sept. 12, David's Friend. Crazy friends, discos and cruising in 1980s NYC.
* Sept. 13-22, Wolfcrush. A queer werewolf play.
* Sept. 14-16, Lost and Found, The dance of John Bernd.

Wed, September 12
9:00pm - 10:00pm
Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar
   200 South 12th Street
  Philadelphia, PA
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