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Fringe: Lost & Found - John Bernd
A living legacy of dance. Until his death from AIDS in 1988, multidisciplinary choreographer John Bernd stood at the forefront of New York's experimental dance scene. Discovering a piece of paraphernalia from that time, Bernd's onetime friend and collaborator Ishmael Houston-Jones asked: What would contemporary dance be like if the gay/dance communities hadnít lost a whole generation of creators to the epidemic? Together with choreographer Miguel Gutierrez, Houston-Jones mashed up Bernd's work into a wholly new piece which proposes enticing answers to this question.

Houston-Jones and Gutierrez reconfigure excerpts from the last seven pieces that Bernd made to create a new vision of his work that captures the vitality of his vision, demonstrates how his influence lives in modern-day dance, and serves as a blueprint for what his work might have become. As an artist and musician as well as a choreographer, Bernd pioneered interdisciplinary dance performance. This work incorporates his signature artworks and original music compositions, reimagined and enhanced by composer Nick Hallett.

Sept. 14 & 15, 8 pm
Sept. 16, 2 pm

Part of Philly Fringe Festival, Sept. 6-23, 2018. Shows with gay content or characters include:
* Sept. 4-16, Do You Want a Cookie? Bearded Ladies Cabaret.
* Sept. 6-22, Fly Eagles Fly, Tribe of Fools, How do we reconcile the darker parts of things we love? Bi character.
* Sept. 7-10, More Than Tracy Turnblad, dissects stereotypes about fat people.
* Sept. 7-22, Plunge. Brian Sanders' JUNK 1960's Palm Springs dance performance.
* Sept. 8-15, Late Night Snacks. Cabaret.
* Sept. 9-22, Sfanta. A 17th C. Moldovian lesbian nun wants to become a saint for fame and glamor.
* Sept. 11-16, Almost Pregnant. A comedy about motherhood, fate and God.
* W. Sept. 12, David's Friend. Crazy friends, discos and cruising in 1980s NYC.
* Sept. 13-22, Wolfcrush. A queer werewolf play.
* Sept. 14-16, Lost and Found, The dance of John Bernd.

Fri, September 14
8:00pm - 5:00pm
Christ Church Philadelphia
   20 N. American St.
  Philadelphia, PA
$35 general; $15 students
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