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Tipping the Velvet w/ Yvette St. James
A women's lady garden has often been cloaked in mystery. The clitoris is elusive and G-spot can feel like a myth. You've done the alphabet with your tongue, for what felt like hours, to no avail. Or possibly you've been so scared about the whole thing you're hesitant to even start. Join Yvette to learn what it takes to give your partner an outstanding oral experience you'll both be proud of.

Presenter Bio:
Yvette St. James is a feminist killjoy and cock enthusiast. She loves helping to educate others about sex and how to get the greatest pleasure for themselves and their partners. With a passion for toys and a extensive knowledge of the human body, she is often found fighting for women's rights at Planned Parenthood.

Registration Details:
$10 for all tickets
Tickets can be purchased online at or in-store.

Advanced Registration ends 12am Day of Event. All walk-up tickets (if available) are $10.

NOTE: RSVP to event does not guarantee a spot. Advanced registration is highly recommended to guarantee a spot

Your ticket to the workshop also gets you 10% Off your same-day in-store purchase (One-time use only per ticket.)

Fri, March 15
8:15pm - 9:15pm
Kink Shoppe
   126 Market St
  Philadelphia, PA
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