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Picking Up the Ropes: Rope Bondage 101 w/ Sir Brian
Interested in rope bondage but intimidated by the mountain of information and techniques available? This simple workshop is designed to take you through the basic theories of rope bondage and teach you a few of commonly used ties that will be the foundation for all of your rope work to come. Beginning with clear definitions and common ground, this class focuses on teaching students the progressive building nature of rope, and how one can have hours of fun through the implementation of a few basic techniques.

This is the first in a series of rope bondage workshops. No prior tying experience is needed to attend this introductory course.

Attendee Notes:
It's recommended attendees bring at least 15' of rope to the workshop, and ideally one 30' length and two 15' lengths. For your convenience, rope is available for purchase at Kink Shoppe prior to the event.

Comfortable clothing should be worn, as half of this class is practical, and it is recommended that all parties get some tying practice in. Avoid beaded, embroidered, or flowing fabrics.

This is a hands-on instructional workshop. Attendees should expect to touch/be touched while learning the ropes. A policy of enthusiastic consent is enforced.

Presenter Bio:
Sir Brian is a professional and lifestyle Dominant, BDSM artist, alt-sex consultant and teacher. His journey in BDSM began in London of 2011 and has since grown his skills with kinksters from all walks of life. Sir Brian often is found participating in demos, performances, classes, and panels throughout Philadelphia and its neighboring areas. Many of his learned experiences are shared at multitudes of venues and events, from Lafayette University and the Leather Leadership Conference, to Outfest, Floating World, PLPN, and others. Sir Brian been helping people discover new facets of themselves at the Kink Shoppe since 2014. His specialties includes corporal punishment, and he has a strong dislike of kimchi. More on Sir Brian can be found on his website,

Customers can receive a credit to a future workshop if requested by 24 hours prior to event time. No refunds are available within 24 hours of event.

Registration Details:
$25 Individual
$20 Students/Seniors w/ ID

Tickets can be purchased online at or in-store.

Advanced Registration ends 12am Day of Event. All walk-up tickets (if available) are $25.

NOTE: RSVP to event does not guarantee a spot. Advanced registration is highly recommended to guarantee a spot

Note: Workshop tickets are non-refundable. Customers can receive a credit to a future workshop if requested anytime prior to 24 hours of event time. Otherwise, no refunds are available. Please give us a call at 267-908-KINK if for some reason you are unable to make it a workshop you have already purchased tickets for.

Sat, March 16
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Kink Shoppe
   126 Market St
  Philadelphia, PA
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