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Philly LGBTQ History Group: Anne Balay, author of Semi Queer
Haverford College professor and licensed commercial truck driver Anne Balay will talk about her Lammy-nominated book Semi-Queer: Inside the World of Gay, Trans, and Black Truck Drivers.

Susan Stryker says of Balay's book: "Semi Queer offers an ethnographically rich, historically grounded investigation of working-class sexuality, gender, and race in the contemporary United States. Trucking, like steel production, is an industry undergoing profound restructuring, and the stories Balay tells of people already marginalized by their bodies and identities finding ways to navigate these emerging conditions of everyday life is a revelation."

Anne Balay graduated with a PhD from the University of Chicago, after which she promptly became a car mechanic. Though in subsequent years she returned to academia as a professor both at the University of Illinois and Indiana University Northwest, she never lost her interest in blue collar work environments. Dr. Balay moved to Gary, Indiana to teach, and was immediately interested in the steel industry of the region. Her coworker and mentor, Jimbo Lane, suggested that she would be perfectly suited to meeting with and writing about the LGBT workers within the mill community, and Steel Closets was born. Anne then attended commercial truck driving school, got her CDL, and drove over the road. Oral histories of truck drivers she did in 2015/16 have led to her new book Semi Queer. Anne is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Haverford College.

Sun, April 21
12:00pm - 2:00pm
William Way Community Center
   1315 Spruce St.
  Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by: William Way Community Center


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