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Pride Sunday presents Pride Prom
February Theme: Pride Prom

Free Admission! All are welcome! Dress your best, enjoy some special cocktails and dance all night!

Pride Sunday, it’s a thing! Get to Lansdale’s premier event venue The Underground with Kyle for magically gay drinks and music, all night long!

A fun night to hang out if you're gay; or if you're not but your friend's gay so it's cool; or if you know this person on TV who's gay so you're down with BLT culture; or if the color scheme between your shirt and pants and shoes miiight be gay? is that still a thing?; or hey, Kyle, that's way too much pressure to ask me I'm a free spirit I make the labels, labels don't make me! ...Doesn't matter! Hang! The fun starts at 7pm!

Sun, February 16
7:00pm - 10:00pm
The Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company
   408 W Main St
  Lansdale, PA
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