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Let's Talk about Disabled Sex
A day of sexual health by sex educator and facilitator, Izzy Criptastic Kaufman, M.Ed in human sexuality, Disability Pride Philadelphia Inc. board member, and proud member of the LGBTQIA and Disability communities.

We are back at it! Let's Talk about Disabled Sex # 3 is Valentine's Day again! What a great day to talk about SEX, yes I said it SEX!!

Let's dig in......
Circles of Sexuality
Today's Terms
Safer Sex
Communication is Key
An inter-sectional look at Disability and LGBTQIA
The Clitoris...anatomy, pleasure, and disability
Toys...a disabled view

Tickets are $10 and include lunch, resources, and workbook.

Interpreters available with 72 hour prior notice.
Please contact
if you are in need of any accommodation.

Fri, February 14
10:00am - 4:00pm
Liberty Resources
   112 N. 8th Street
  Philadelphia, PA
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