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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars: S3E3 - Yes, And What

Juan DeSilva

Juan DeSilva is just a boy, standing in front of a wig, wanting to snatch it.
posted by Juan DeSilva on Feb 9, 2018 10:30am | comments


Sweetumses, this week's All Stars put my balloon knot all in a twist. My cat Phi Phi coughed up hairball after hairball after hairball, but when the dust settled, everybody felt a little bitch better. So let's fire up the jets and get in the tub. 

The Good: 

This week's main challenge had the queens test their improv chops in a reality dating spoof called "The Bitchelor." Once again, Ru assigned roles, having each single lady portray an archetypal character. 

Ben De La Creme's "party girl" character slayed with one-liner after one-liner. Out of all the queens, De La is definitely most likely to have taken Improv 101 AND Improv 102, but the shit paid off. Nobody else had the good sense to ask the eligible bachelor if he had "taken out a catheter" before, so brava on that count. 

Speaking of our titular bachelor, guest actor/judge Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman provided not only the handsome face and body-ody-ody of a pit crewman, but also considerable talent and charisma. Can he jump out of a box next episode and stay forever? 

The runway challenge this week was wigs on wigs and wigs, which made for some exciting reveals. None more so than Aja's anime-inspired triple play. Squirrelfranz, I'm calling it now. She's going to the top three. 

The Bad: 

This Milk is sour. Pour it down the sink. Milk keeps throwing me off, because out of drag, he is a snack in a hat. But put a wig on his head and I can no longer obey my thirst. She's way full of herself and too much milk just leads to bloat. 

An Improv challenge. Why? Did Ru watch "Don't Think Twice" and get ideas? At least give the girls a tutorial, show them "zip zap zop," bring Christopher Guest in, don't just throw them to the wolves. Much cringe. Poor Chi Chi. 

The Henny: 

I am living and dying and returning from the dead to live again for this "Shangela v Milk" feud. This is what Alysa Edwards v Coco Montrese SHOULD have been. Well-placed shade like a row of palm trees, henny. No screaming or crying or histrionic flailing of limbs, just cool cutting remarks and EYES EYES EYES EYES and skillful elocution in the confessional. At least from Shangela.

Henny, so many, many wigs hit the floor this week, but one in particular has fallen, to cannot get up. I don't wanna say who, so I'll just let Ben De La Creme get the last word: "If Jeffrey needs a warm bosom to press himself against tonight, he's got the wrong gal, cause these don't feel temperature."

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