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Coming Out :: Ian Morrison / Brittany Lynn

Steve McCann

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Steve McCann is the director and founder of He works full time at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania, and works in his spare time on the website. He has been an active member of the LGBT community of Philadelphia for over 10 years and feels that giving back to the community in which you live should be an important part of everyone's life.
posted by Steve McCann on Oct 29, 2018 10:30am | comments


Coming from the Northeast in the 90ís when being gay was by far not something to celebrate, I made a pact with myself to come out at the age of 21. I told my mother while we were stuck in traffic since I had just become the Chairperson for Temple Lambda Alliance-the lgbt group on campus. I told my father in a letter. Yes, a letter, there was no internet back then haha. Luckily I had found the support of my parents, but I donít think not having that support would have stopped me in any way - you know how I am haha.

Once I was out there was no stopping me - I had the pride rings on, the T-shirtís from, and once I was out of college I was an editor and columnist for the Philadelphia Gay News. And honey once I started drag there wasnít a closet big enough.

In 2004, Fox 29 featured me in full drag as Barbara Streisand and showed clips of me all through her last televised concert to millions of people all across the country - not only was I now out, but I was an out drag queen. But once I found my tribe, I knew I wanted to make the future better for all of the kids coming out in generations after me - so fast forward twenty years later, Iím still doing my part to make our community as visible as I can.

I started Drag Queen Story Time here for parents and their kids at libraries across the tri-state area, my Miss Fancy Brigade bringing drag and a strong trans presence to the cityís biggest parade on New Yearís Day, and I work with as many local charities I can to just simply give back and be involved.

Every penny and opportunity I have made in my adult life has come from this community, and so itís definitely a must to give back whenever and wherever I can. When youíre ready to be who you are and share yourself with the world, the universe will reward you for your bravery. I lived the life people wanted or expected me to live until I became 18, then my new life started when I came out. I would not change this life for anything in the world. If youíve spent more than two minutes with me, youíll hear me say ďthatís gay!Ē a million times. When people ask me, ďHow are you today?Ē My answer is always, ďIím gay!Ē Yep, as gay as I can be - mostly dressed as a giant womanly clown and opening up for celebrities, performing stand up at Casinos, and touring as a Golden Girl. If I stayed in the closet who knows what hell I would be going through, or what lies I would be living. You get once chance at this thing called life kids - So come out - be proud - give back. Itís gay.

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