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Mayor Nutter Announces Census - Neglects Gays

by: Steve McCann,
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Nov 11, 2009

Philadelphia, PA - PhillyGayCalendar has just returned from a news conference by Mayor Michael Nutter, to which we were invited by the administration, apparently to serve as a bit of LGBT window-dressing. The news conference was called to talk up the importance of the 2010 Federal Census to Philadelphia.

This is an especially important and historic census for our community, as it will be the first one in which same-sex couples will be counted. [*Editors Note: This is the first time same-sex couples will be counted as "married" due to same-sex marriage being legal in several states]

The Mayor enumerated the many groups who have been sidelined in the past by the census, and who this year the city will work hard to reach: from racial minorities to "people of faith," to the homeless, incarcerated criminals, and undocumented immigrants, to name only a few. PhillyGayCalendar sat in the front row listening for a mention of the LGBT community, especially in light of our historic inclusion on this census, but not a word was uttered.

We were not the only members of the LGBT community in the audience to be surprised and upset by this neglect. Could Mayor Nutter really be ignorant of the historic importance of the 2010 Census to us?

This comes at a time when many members of the LGBT communities are feeling forgotten by President Obama who often pays lip service, but never seems to step forward, when it comes to protecting our rights.

Is Mayor Nutter following suit? Is the gay community a far to easily forgotten minority group, a population only to mention to get elected, but then ignored until the next election?

This is only one incident, and we have to hope that this is merely an unintentional oversight by the administration, rather than a message from Mayor Nutter that he is only concerned with the LGBT Community in election years.

While we wait for the Nutter Administration to get on board, PhillyGayCalendar is working to make sure that every member of the LGBT community is counted by the 2010 Federal Census. We recently launched as a source of information about the 2010 Federal Census. 2010 is our year to count!

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