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Boys of Summer Giving Back to the Community

by: Steve McCann, Press Release
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Nov 8, 2017

Philadelphia, PA - This week Boys of Summer, a PhillyGayCalendar event, presented a check to the Morris Home, for the amount of $788.63 – proceeds from the Boys of Hallow 's Eve event. This is on the tail of their recent donation of $1,021.73 to Home for Hope.

In addition to growing the team to include Matt Rowe and Calvin Joshua, Boys of Summer has recently restructured its organization to be able to give more back to the community and more importantly, smaller lesser known charities.

"Over this past year, we have been working hard to make several changes to the overall Boys of Summer party." said Matt Rowe, event co-producer, "One of these changes, honestly my favorite, is turning BOS into a charity event to give back to the LGBT community. The other weekend, we threw our first POP Party (Party On Purpose). With each POP party, half of the cover charge is donated directly to a local LGBT organization. There are many organizations that are doing so much good for the LGBT community right here in Philadelphia. We thought it was important, especially in today 's world, to shed some love and bring a spotlight to other organizations that are lesser known.”

“Everyone knows the larger charity organizations in Philly,” said Steve McCann, Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar, “and while they are amazing for our community, we wanted to reach out to the smaller, often forgotten organizations that desperately need funding”

Boys of Summer is planning parties throughout the year, so check back at PhillyGayCalendar for more information

Morris Home supports trans and gender variant individuals as they develop the knowledge, skills and supports necessary to promote sobriety, manage emotional and behavioral difficulties, choose and maintain safe and healthy lifestyles, and develop healthy relationships with peers, family and the community. Morris Home provides a safe, recovery-oriented environment for individuals in transition from one gender to another, or those with other gender variants who may be coming from “the streets” and/or from shelter programs.

Boys of Summer is a social philanthropy bringing exciting one of a kind parties to Philadelphia while giving back to the community.

PhillyGayCalendar is a complete resource for the local LGBT community. Having been in operation for over 10 years, it 's the most comprehensive site for everything gay in Philadelpha.

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