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Top Moments 2017

by: Steve McCann, User Survey
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Happy OUTFest 2018 - time to come out of the closet and into the streets for the biggest outfest in the county. With food, music, dancing and parties, you won't want to miss it. PLUS GOLDLUST - the biggest party OUTFest has ever seen!


The Five is back with some amazing events, include some for the Fringe Festival!

More than Just Ice Cream Closes

Another incredible gayborhood establishment closes it doors.
Dec 27, 2017

Philadelphia -
2017 was a rough and adventurous year, so we took a survey and asked all our fans what were some of the memorable moments in the community this year, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Below is our Top 5 (and some honorable mentions)

5. Philly Pride vs DC Pride

Every year the community takes over Penn's Landing for a huge Pride Celebration (and the accompanying Pride Parade down Market Street). As many know, both Philly Pride and DC pride fall on the same weekend, which causes a mild scheduling problem if you want to go to both. This year, however, due to the new anti-gay presidential administration that just took office, DC Pride became "National Pride" and in turn both a pride festival and a national protest. Many called for Philly Pride to move the date and a debate ensued between tradition and relevance. In the end, Philly Pride made the right decision for the entire community and moved the date 1 week - making both events even bigger.

4. OUTFest

This has been and always will be the biggest party of the year. Every year in October, the entire community takes over the streets of the Gayborhood for a huge block party in celebration of National Coming Out Day. As Franny Price, who coordinates OUTFest, says, "Today is about visibility!"

3. Protesting Trump

Trump took office this year to the dismay of many in the LGBT community. The local community was not going to take it sitting down - so they organized a "Queer Rager." Thousands took the streets around city hall to protest, scream, and also to dance. You can see all the photos on Instagram under #QueerRager.

2. Mazzoni Center

The Mazzoni Center, the community's LGBT health source, has had quite a year of ups and downs. The year started out with sexual misconduct allegations and allegations of discrimination. Also later this year, after much controversy, Mazonni finally unionized their workers, and with the help of a large grant, the center was able to move to a brand new space at 1348 Bainbridge.

The Mazzoni Center, the communities LGBT health source, has had quite a year of ups and downs. The year started out with the Mazzoni Center being named in the hearing conserving racism in the community leading to the resignation of their CEO. Later that year, they center, after much controversy, finally unionized their workers. Plus, after receiving a large grant, the center was able to move to a brand new space - 1348 Bainbridge.


Before we announce the number one moment of 2017, we have some honorable mentions based on users suggestions:
Code Red
A annual HIV Awareness charity event, bringing dozens of local LGBT entertainers to the stage for a great cause
Boys of Summer
One of the longest running parties in Philly was revamped to focus on its sexier, darker side, and also show it's charitable side
Philadelphia's kickball and dodge ball league that started back in 2010 has been growing every year since, was able to raise $75,000 for charity

Philly Gay Men's Chorus
Formed in 1981, this volunteer chorus has performed some amazing, sold out shows



1. Addressing Racism

This year, racism in our community came to a head in a big way, and our community came together to not only address it, but to attack it. Many outlets reported it as a problem the local LGBT community had, we saw it as a problem in the nation and a problem the local LGBT community took head on like never before. Amber Hikes, Executive Director of LGBT Affairs at City of Philadelphia Government said, "It's not just a Philly problem... From West Hollywood to the West Village, from Boystown to Buckhead, Atlanta - our Gayborhoods around the country are dealing with racism, but they are not addressing it. They are not attacking it in a way Philadelphia is!"

Philadelphia convened an official hearing on Racism where dozens of community members spoke out. It was powerful and moving and sparked the beginning of a movement. The Mayor's Office revealed a new flag supporting LGBT People of Color and rose it high above City Hall.

While we are no where near ending racism, Philly proudly leads the way in confronting this problem in our community!



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