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Breaking Glass Pictures to be Honored with Industry Award Presented by qFlix Philadelphia

by: Scott Motisko, Press Release
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Mar 27, 2019

Philadelphia - Breaking Glass Pictures, a Philadelphia-based independent film distribution company founded by film industry veteran Rich Wolff, will receive the industry award from qFLIX Philadelphia, the LGBTQ+ Film Festival produced and presented by Thom Cardwell and James Duggan, the legendary film festival producers who brought life back to the Philadelphia LGBTQ+ film festival.

The festival will present its inaugural qFLIX Philadelphia 2019 Industry Award to Wolff as part of the closing night ceremonies. Following the awards ceremony will be a screening of the closing night film “My Big Gay Italian Wedding,” an Italian musical comedy being distributed by Breaking Glass. The program will take place Sunday, March 31 at The Perelman Theater at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts beginning at 8pm.

“We are honored to receive the industry award from qFLIX Philadelphia in recognition to our dedication to LGBTQ+ cinema,” said Wolff. “Each year, Thom and James continue to out-do themselves with the festival as it grows, and shows important films to Philadelphia audiences.”

qFLIX Philadelphia will also be screening a number of other Breaking Glass titles including: Devil’s Path, screening Tuesday, March 26 at Play and Players beginning at 9:30pm; We Are Thr3e, screening Thursday, March 28 at the Connelly Auditorium at the University of the Arts beginning at 9:30pm; Kill the Monsters, screening Friday, March 29 at the Connelly Auditorium at the University of the Arts beginning at 5:15pm; and Kanarie, screening Saturday, March 30 at the Connelly Auditorium at the University of the Arts beginning at 5:00pm.

“From the moment James and I assumed the tasks producing an LGBTQ+ film festival in Philadelphia, continuing the tradition of the previous two decades, Breaking Glass has been nothing but encouraging, supportive, and engaging,” said Thom Cardwell, qFLIX Philadelphia producer and artistic director. “Having a distributor continuously attending the festival is extremely important in that it helps attract the interest of producers, filmmakers, screenwriters and actors by making them aware that our festival affords the opportunity for possible distribution.”

As qFLIX Philadelphia celebrates twenty-five years of LGBTQ film festival in Philadelphia, the nonprofit with its all-volunteer team has stayed true to its mission of presenting indie films that are “by, for, and about” the LGBTQ+ community.

As the official program guide notes, qFLIX Philadelphia is all about “diversity and all-inclusiveness.” There is controversy and conformity, adversity and acceptance, warnings and whimsy from the 120+ films with an international flavor representing over 29 countries.

“For the past five years, Breaking Glass Pictures has raised the bar at the festival,” said Duggan. “Their dedication to giving films a life after the festival circuit is extremely important, both to a film and a festival since the measure of a festival’s success is having distributors acquire titles that premiere under their programing umbrella.”

“For its outstanding support, it’s a pleasure to present the first qFLIX Philadelphia 2019 Industry Award to Breaking Glass Pictures,” agreed Duggan and Cardwell. ABOUT BREAKING GLASS PICTURES

Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Rich Wolff and Richard Ross, Breaking Glass Pictures is a film distribution and media company that focuses on releasing unique and visionary independent films, inclusive of all genres from around the world. In addition to theatrical, DVD, digital, and Video-on-Demand releases in North America, Breaking Glass functions as an international sales agent in all film markets, a producer of compelling independent cinema, facilitates festival, theatrical, and special event bookings, and offers a full-service marketing team (marketing strategy, artwork and trailer creation, PR, social media) to independent filmmakers.


qFLIX Philadelphia is a production of qFLIX USA, Inc. Founded in 2014, qFLIX is rooted in 25 years of LGBTQ+ film festival leadership. We believe that experiencing our voices, stories and visions on film from around the world, lifts us forward as individuals and as a community. Film as an international language allows us to foster, support, and give access to independent filmmakers and to encourage and nurture youth in the art of filmmaking. Queer film inspires the imagination and encourages the journey of discovery and acceptance by both the ever-growing region’s LGBTQ+ and the mainstream communities.

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