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Greater Philadelphia Professional Network (GPPN)

Philadelphia, PA
(215) 922-3377
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GPPN is an acronym for the Greater Philadelphia Professional Network. Our members reside in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and represent a diverse array of industries and professional experiences.

How did GPPN get started?
In March of 1993, Scott Laughlin, a 29-year-old account executive at Boston Coach, spearheaded efforts to start a gay professional association with then Assistant Deputy Mayor John Herzins. Nine months later, the organization had over 120 members.

GPPN has since doubled in size and has hosted events throughout the city, including one at The Prime Rib with Temple University President David Adamany and another at City Hall for gay and lesbian members of city government.

What is GPPN's mission?
GPPN's mission is to provide a social, career and business development channel for the gay and lesbian professional community.

What does GPPN do?
For 10 years, GPPN has sponsored regular networking events, speakers, workshops, summertime fun, and a newsletter serving the region's gay professional community.

Each month, our networking events attract between 40 and 100 professionals to some of the region's hottest restaurants.

For more information on recent and upcoming events, visit our events page.

Who is behind GPPN now?
Visit our contact page for information on the people behind GPPN.

Why should I join?
Visit our membership page for a reason to join. We encourage you to "test drive" GPPN before you join. All networking event couverts are waived for all first-time guests.


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