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All Souls Ecumenical Church

640 Centre Ave
Reading, PA
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An Independent Catholic Church in the Anglican tradition,we are a diverse, welcoming, Christian community worshiping on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month at 640 Centre Avenue in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Our primary outreach is to three groups:

+ first, to people who believe that the sacraments need to be valid in terms of historical Christian belief and apostolic succession, but who are no longer willing to attend a church that does not understand human brokenness and limits access to God;

+ second, to the gay and lesbian community who routinely feel unwelcome, disenfranchised or excluded from their former church home; and

+ third, to the increasing number of Christians who have no single tradition background from childhood and who feel they can comfortably be neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant.

ALL are welcome to join us and receive the sacraments of the church, including same sex marriage and gay & lesbian ordination. Our pastor is gay and partnered as is our bishop! Want to know more? Visit our website or come to be with us in worship. Curiosity and questioning are always welcome!


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