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Philadelphia is known for it's vast array of organizations dedicated to the LGBT community. Philly Gay Calendar has 618 organizations in the area ranging from social organizations, to support groups, to organizations that deal with politics, health, and even local sports teams.

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Alternative Bowling
Type: Sports
Gay Bowling Club Sunday Nights
Amazon Country - WXPN 88.5 FM
Type: Media
Lesbian/feminist radio show, airs weekly at 11pm on Sundays. Contact : Debra D’Allessandro.
American Cancer Society / GLBT Relay for Life SJ
Type: Health
Relay For Life of The LBGT Community and Friends Cancer doesn’t discriminate; neither do we. We fight so no one has to ever face cancer.

Cancer Facts for the LGBT Community Through the awareness that is brought by the Relay, we know we can make a marked difference in the LGBT Community by making our programs and services more readily available. Cancer Facts for Lesbian and Bisexual Woman Many health insurance policies do not cover unmarried partners. This makes it harder for lesbian and bisexual woman to access quality of health care. Cancer risks are greater for lesbian women who avoid preventive health care because they fear discrimination and insensitivity by health care providers. Definitive research on the incidence of cancer in lesbians has yet to be conducted and published. However, there is a body of evidence suggesting that lesbians have a dense cluster of risk factors, significantly raising their risk of developing breast cancer as well as several other types of cancer. Some conflicting evidence also exists, highlighting the need for state of the art research. Again, increased risks are coupled with lower screening rates for this population, resulting in cancers being detected when they are more difficult to treat. For lesbians, the four cancer risk factors most often cited are increased rates of smoking and higher rates of obesity and high fat diets. HPV, the virus that is one cause of cervical cancer, can be spread through female-to-female sexual contact as well as through female-to-male sexual contact. Lesbian women are no less at risk for cervical cancer than heterosexual women are. Cancer Facts for Gay and Bisexual Men Some men may not want to tell their health care providers that they are gay or bisexual because they do not want discrimination to affect the quality of healthcare they receive. Cigarette smoking among gay men is nearly double that of the general population. Smoking is responsible for 80% of all lung cancers, but it also increases the risk of many other cancers, including colon cancer, esophageal cancer and anal cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. Gay men with prostate cancer have some additional social and sexual challenges that are rarely addressed adequately by their oncologists and social workers. For example, prostate cancer treatment can have some distinct effects on gay sexual behavior and relationships. Approximately 2,000 American men are diagnosed with anal cancer each year. Gay and bisexual men are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than heterosexual men. Anal cancer is not very common in men with healthy immune systems, but it seems that the overwhelming majority of Anal Cancer survivors are gay or bisexual men. Cancer Facts for Transgender People Uninsured rates are highest among transgender people. In New York City, for example, the Department of Health reported in 1999 that 21% of transgender respondents reported having no health insurance of any kind. Even those with health insurance can face difficulties in obtaining appropriate cancer screenings. A transgender woman, listed on her insurance as a female, but still having an intact prostate gland, would not be covered for prostate cancer screening. The same is true for transgender man with an intact cervix. Transgender people have extremely high rates of smoking, drinking and HIV, all increasing their risk for developing an array of cancers, including lung cancer, anal cancer and liver cancer.
Anna Crusis Women's Choir
Type: Lesbian
Anna Crusis is Philadelphia's premier women's choir and the nation's first and longest running feminist choir. The choir is dedicated to musical excellence as well as justice, peace and equality with emphasis on music by, for and about women and their lives. Founded in 1975, Anna Crusis has performed on stages from Carnegie Hall to the United Nations to schools in its home city of Philadelphia. The choir performs a wide range of genres from classical to pop, jazz and reggae to folk, gospel and world music. Her unusual name originates from the Greek word "anacrusis" which is an upbeat entrance to a musical phrase– the precise moment of anticipation and exhilaration that occurs as a singer takes a quick breath before vocalizing. Like her name, Anna Crusis Women's Choir anticipates sharing more exhilarating musical moments with new audiences everywhere. Reach her at
Arch Street United Methodist Church
Type: Religious
A reconciling congregation in the heart of the city on the northwest corner next to city hall. We are open and affirming of all people.
Arch Street United Methodist Church
Type: Religious
A reconciling United Methodist Church is truly welcoming and affirming of all people
Artemis Motorcycle Club, Inc.
Type: Social
Our Mission:

  • To promote motorcycling as a sport among women, emphasizing safety, solidarity, support, and friendship.
  • To exchange information, plan and coordinate rides and activities.
  • To plan and coordinate rides and events with other clubs.
  • To improve public acceptance of all motorcyclists and women motorcyclists in particular.
  • Asbury Park Events
    Type: Social is where you’ll find everything you’ll need to party, play and stay here. Find us on Facebook ( and we’ll keep you informed of all the fun stuff and gay happenings in Asbury Park.
    Asian Americans United
    Type: Youth
    A LGBT-friendly youth center promoting leadership to build their communities and unite to challenge oppression. Asian Americans United exists so that people of Asian ancestry in Philadelphia exercise leadership to build their communities and unite to challenge oppression.
    Attic Youth Center
    Type: Support
    The Attic seeks to create a safe, supportive non-judgmental environment where youth can share concerns about school, family and friends, be themselves, and take a step from loneliness, secrecy, and self-doubt into participation, belonging, and self-confidence. By encouraging and supporting a process for youth leadership, The Attic validates the efforts of l/g/b/t/q youth to develop personal responsibility for their lives and community.
    Type: Art & Culture
    The Premiere Collective for Women in Aural and Visual Arts
    Awesome Adventure Women
    Type: Social
    An outdoor adventure organization for women who hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, zip lining and so much more. All events are prepped, planned and prepared for you. All you have to do is show up with your spirit of adventure.
    Azuka Theatre
    Type: Art & Culture
    Azuka Theatre strengthens the connection and shared humanity among its diverse audiences by giving voice to the people whose stories go unheard.

    Azuka Theatre Members We strive to produce work that has the power to affect, inspire and bring together people from different backgrounds toward our goal of showing audiences a reflection of their own lives. We believe that we can reach the new audiences we wish to cultivate by producing this type of theatre. Through work that recognizes and discusses our ethnic and cultural differences, we can continue to build these audiences by presenting not simply stories, but stories that are a reflection of the society in which we live. Work of this kind is essential to the growth of new theater audiences and the preservation of theater as a viable art form.
    B Fit Enterprises
    Type: Health
    Personal training and wellness salon. Our doors are open to everyone. We train couples for weddings, medical conditions etc..We are an exclusive one on one private facility. LGBT welcomed with open arms
    B.P.A. Productions Group, Inc.
    Type: Art & Culture
    A gay-owned & operated independent production company specializing in indie film creation, development and promotion. Publication for productions are listed monthly on and auditions/casting calls are usually held once every couple of months. Films currently participate in film festivals across the United States and Canada. B.P.A. is always looking for new talent for its current and future productions. Those interested can email their information to
    Barbara Gittings Collection
    Type: Art & Culture
    Largest public-library collection of LGBT materials this side of San Francisco.
    Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture Clinic
    Type: Health
    Community style acupuncture clinic, sliding scale fee based on what clients feel they can afford $15- $35. All clients welcome, Acupuncturist has 4+ years experience in working with HIV+ clients and specializes in women's health
    BEBASHI (Blacks Educating Blacks About Sexual Health Issues)
    Type: Health
    Provides sexual health education and client services, focusing especially on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Confidential or anonymous testing, case management and a variety of support groups are available.
    Bebashi - Transition to Hope
    Type: HIV
    AIDS Service Organization
    Bebashi Transition to Hope
    Type: HIV
    A nonprofit organization that does HIV and STI testing, pregnancy tests, offers referrals for mammograms for uninsured or under-insured women, and provides hunger relief. Bebashi also offers support groups and case management for people who are HIV positive.
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