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Philadelphia is known for it's vast array of organizations dedicated to the LGBT community. Philly Gay Calendar has 618 organizations in the area ranging from social organizations, to support groups, to organizations that deal with politics, health, and even local sports teams.

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South Jersey AIDS Alliance
Type: HIV
The South Jersey AIDS Alliance is a caring, compassionate Organization dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS
South Jersey AIDS Alliance
Type: Health
South Jersey AIDS Alliance is a caring, compassionate organization dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Soutth Eastern Pennsylvania Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence, Inc.
Type: Hotline
Many gay men and lesbians in need of recovery services for alcoholism and drug addiction find it difficult or uncomfortable to access treatment due to their concerns about homophobia and discrimination. Substance abuse treatment programs are often not equipped to meet the needs of this population. SEPCADD staff provides the sensitivity and understanding needed to assist those individuals with an alcohol or other drug problem. Call 215-340-9995
Spanish Community Center of Atlantic City
Type: HIV
An outreach channel that provides support and resources for anyone interested or concerned about the pandemic that has plagued our nation for over two decades. We are an HIV resource center that will provide help and support for anyone who wants it. We are available for answering questions at any time.
Spartans Wrestling Club of Philadelphia
Type: Sports

Spartan Wrestling Club of Philadelphia is an adult recreational wrestling club dedicated to the enjoyment of freestyle wrestling. The club was founded in 1991.

We welcome participants with little or no wrestling experience as well as trained freestylers and folks-style/collegiate wrestlers.

Mondays at 7:00pm

First Unitarian at 2125 Chestnut Street

Be prepared to get sweaty. Wear T-shirt and gym shorts or a wrestling singlet.


Practice fees can be paid in one of three ways:

1. Annual membership - $135 which covers all practice fees for one year and includes a free Spartan T-shirt.
2. Semi-Annual membership - $35 which entitles you to pay the reduced member rate of $3 per practice session.
3. Non-member rate - $5 per practice session.

(Dues and fees go to rent and equipment maintenance. Spartan Wrestling Club is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization.)

Spartan Wrestling Club is a charter member of Team Philadelphia, the umbrella organization of gay and lesbian sports clubs in the Delaware Valley. Members of the club have participated Gay Games competitions in New York City 1994, Amsterdam 1998, Sydney 2002, and Chicago 2006 and captured gold, silver, and bronze medals.
Spectrum Philly
Type: Religious
Spectrum builds community for LGBTQ Jews (and friends!) in their 20s and 30s who live in the Philadelphia area. We are sponsored by The Collaborative, the Jewish Graduate Student Network, and Congregation Beth Ahavah.
St. Luke and The Epiphany
Type: Religious
We believe “the Church belongs to God in Christ and therefore everyone whom God brings here belongs here.” ALL people who seek God and wish to receive the blessings of and give thanks for God are welcome to worship at St. Luke & The Epiphany.
St. Mary of Grace Independent Catholic Parish
Type: Religious
St. Mary of Grace Parish ministers especially to Catholics who are unable to participate in Mass or receive the Sacraments because of marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or other circumstances. As Independent Catholics, we offer a diverse and inclusive faith community free of unnecessary regulations. We also welcome our GLBT brothers and sisters who are interested in Religious Life and ordained ministry.
St. Miriam, A Parish Community
Type: Religious

"A Breath-taking, unique, and welcoming community"

About our congregation:
We are a diverse and welcoming community with couples, singles, gay, lesbian, married, partners, and children. Our ages range from 6 to 71 years old. We are ethnically diverse and welcoming.

Approximate size: 50
Denominational affiliation: Catholic

What to expect at our services: The best way to understand Catholic liturgy is not through the abstract discussion, but rather through concrete contact with actual ritual, that is what our church tradition does best: putting people in touch with the Mystery of God through sacramental celebration of life and hope!

Our Catholic liturgy will seem very familiar with an added element or two of surprise and meditation! And, the ideal for our liturgy is also very simple: the focus should be on the Eucharist, but be INCLUSIVE and INVITING for all who attend. Also, the elements of Bread and Wine should be pure, simple, and inviting to all of our senses.
The simple nature of our worship space is to allow for our focus to be on the center of our worship and to not detract. And, the warmth of our space comes from one place: YOU! Therefore, when our community gathers, the space becomes alive and we focus on our corporate worship and community - together.

Our Altar Table and Processional Cross are designed in the very-recognized style of renowned artist Alberto Giacometti (click here to visit) by artist and blacksmith, Edward Worthington (click here to visit). The hammered iron rods and scarred table allows us to visualize how, despite our wounds and imperfections, we are still beautiful and serve God’s good use! Our gospel procession allows all to participate and to realize that we are all part of the plan and made and created to honor God and serve to make our world a better place!

So, come, taste, smell, and see how God is at work in our daily life, work, death, and community – see the Risen Lord every time you meet someone at Saint Miriam!

Dress: Come as you are!
Music: Hymns, Gospel, Praise & Worship, Contemporary, Chant

Our congregation is:
Predominantly straight but welcomes all people
Our official position on same-sex relationships:
"Side A" - Same-sex relationships are blessed by God.
Of interest to the gay community:
Our pastor and partner are both gay; we also have a community event and support group.

Where we meet:
4101 Freeland Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19128

We worship at:
6PM on Thursdays and 10:30 AM on Sunday.
Summer Schedule:
June 7 – August 30
9:30 AM on Sunday Morning

Church leader:
(The Rev.) Father James St. George, CoA, MS, MDiv, B.C.E.T.S.
Stimulus Philly
Type: Social
Stimulus is one of Philly's largest and most diverse monthly LGBTQ parties! Haven't been yet? Whatcha waitin' for? It takes place at the Loft above Marathon Grill at 10th and Walnut and caters to beauty and diversity in our community
Stonewall Model Trains Club
Type: Social
For those that love the thrill of model trains
Stonewall Sports - Philly
Type: Sports
Stonewall Sports - Philly will bring together members of the LGBT community (and our allies & friends!) to play games of kickball on Sunday, socialize in the Gayborhood, give back to the community through charitable fundraisers, and above all, make new groups of friends. Stonewall Sports has experienced great success in Washington, DC and Raleigh, NC. It's about more than just kickball; it's about building a real community that interacts in a variety of settings, across age groups and genders. Kickball works great because it's an easy sport to learn and requires minimal skill or physical ability, but it's still very much and great for friendly competition. After games, we hope to be a recognizable presence in the Gayborhood as Sunday Funday takes on new meaning and is marked by our trademark t-shirts. In addition, we support various non-profit and charitable organizations throughout our community.
Strength In Numbers (SIN)
Type: HIV

About Strength In Numbers (aka SIN) Philadelphia
SIN Philadelphia is a non-profit online network devoted to the social and educational interests of HIV+ gay men. SIN is supported by a diverse and vibrant group of HIV+ gay men who volunteer their time and efforts to help benefit others and enjoy the fellowship of our community. We are a growing group of HIV+ gay men who are seeking to develop friendships with others. We encourage you to join the fun!

What do we do?
Chapters of SIN organize and promote social events for HIV+ gay men and workshops dealing with various social issues that are of particular importance to guys like us. Our online community provides health-related information and publishes lists of resources and social events that may interest HIV+ gay men. We are not the traditional “Support Group” many have joined in the past. Our main focus is to promote enjoyable activities and events in a supportive atmosphere. Future activities may include; movie nights, camping, dinners or picnic’s, parties and monthly meetings to discuss issues relevant to HIV+ men.

Who can join?
As of now, there are no membership applications or fees. Anyone can sign up to be on our email list regardless of age, race, religion or length in time of infection. That said, our mission is to focus almost exclusively on the needs of HIV+ gay men and in part the larger gay male community that is still greatly affected by HIV. We welcome the partners of HIV+ men regardless of serostatus.

How to join?
Our group is web based. Access to a computer is needed to receive member information and updates of upcoming events. Type the following web address in your browser to request membership. Please include your reason for joining and your request will be reviewed by the group moderator. Once approved you may review or post messages to the group.

You may also reach the site by typing Strength in Numbers Philadelphia in your web browser.
Your email address will always stay confidential. We honor every member's own desire for discretion and confidentiality.

Sumpin' Vicious Entertainment
Type: Social
Sumpin' Vicious Entertainment is an Entertainment Company for the LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer) community. We allow people interact in a social network and a party atmosphere . The foundation of S.V.E. is to provide a events for LGBTQ people and their friends, to exchange ideas, build friendships, and utilize local and nationwide services. As with any entertainment, we hope to grow and introduce new and innovative services that will suit their wants and needs. S.V.E offers social networking, parties, events, and trips.
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Philadelphia Affiliate
Type: Health
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world's largest, boldest and most progressive grassroots network of survivors and activists, is the only organization fighting to cure breast cancer at every stage.
Type: Social
SWEET GLEW! GLEW is a Gay & Lesbian Event Web designed to provide information on local venues, social gatherings as well as being a premier GLBT personal, professional and social networking site... This site will link you to various events, and venues in the the NEW JERSEY,Philadelphia,Delaware area. As well as Other Super Glew links! GLBT Bars, Clubs, Restaurants,Travel , comedians, musicians,books, magazines, organizations, Gay bingo, roller derby, charity events, special events,pride events and much more. Just a Click away on SWEET GLEW LINKS! GLBT Stick Together!GLEW is an interactive web page. It's FREE! It's Simple...123! 1. Contact us!! 2. Provide your link!! 3. Tell GLEW where to "GLEW" it !! New Jersey GLEW Philadelphia GLEW Super GLEW GLEW provides a "FREE' service to the GLBT community! Supported by NOTE: recommends that you join our SOCIAL Network Pages for GLBT EVENT updates!! Get It On Glew! GET IT ON GLEW !
Sweethearts Club NJ (SHCNJ)
Type: Social
Welcome to the Sweethearts Club of NJ! COME join us... whether you have a sweetheart, want a sweetheart or just have a sweet-heart :) The club is designed to provide information on local venues, social gatherings as well as being a LGBT personal, professional and social networking group..
TAP: Traverse Arts Project
Type: Art & Culture
TAP Tap exists for the promotion of thought, the convergence of ideas expressed in public forums.

Our purpose is to spark conversation between opposing viewpoints and narrow the space between disparate groups.

We reflect on current political issues, not to persuade or promote, but to start a conversation within. Specifically we look to explore these concepts thought the mediums of artistic expression in a variety of mediums including Theater, Film, Music, Visual Art Exhibitions and other live performance gatherings. We seek to reveal a mirror of societal reflection that explores the diversity of thought and preference within society. We seek for actors and audience to connect and reflect. Within this platform we strive to spark thought. We seek to start conversations, promote cross cultural and generational dialogues while igniting a passion in the hearts of our audiences.
Team Big Leagues
Type: Art & Culture
An 8 Lesbian promoter collective who specializes in EPIC events for women in Philadelphia, DC, and NYC.
Team Philadelphia
Type: Sports
Team Philadelphia is the umbrella group under which the various gay and lesbian sports teams and individual athletes in the Delaware Valley come together to provide a healthy outlet for all members of our community. Throughout the year, Team Philadelphia
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