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The premier of the Tongue In Cheek Caberet - On Friday May 22, Brittany Lynn, Honeytree EvilEye, and Joey Martini are showcasing the newest faces in drag, cabaret, and burlesque who will share the stage with some of the best performers in the tri-state area.
SexX Interactive - In May 2015, Philadelphia will host a most unique and first-of-its-kind conference - SEXx Interactive: a Journey for the Mind, Heart and Body. We sat down and talked with Timaree Schmit.
Let's Talk About Sex - In 2014 sex is still the elephant in the room no one ever wants to address. Well one pioneer in starting and continuing the conversation is Dr. Timaree Schmit, a noted sexologist with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Education.

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Jnathen - Sirens
- Philly performer Jnathan releaced a new music video, featuring some local celebrities. Sirens was released simultaneously with buzz single 'The Way That I Love you', both are available on iTunes

Featuring: Timaree Leigh, Billy Cavallo, Stephen Kramer, Dwayne Townsend, and my amazing drag queens Brooklyn Ford and Jenna Tall as well as co directors Ty Worley and Steve McCann.

Drag, Burlesque, Gender and The Notorious OMG by Timaree(part 2)
- Dr. Timaree continues her discussion with The Notorious OMG on gender studies, drag/burlesque and figuring out what you want in a relationship. Ze is a delight. (part 2 of 2)

Drag, Burlesque, Gender and The Notorious OMG by Timaree(part 1)
- This week Timaree has a fascinating conversation with actor and author Rudy Flesher, aka the Notorious OMG. They talk about drag and burlesque performance as well as hir work in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies. (Part 1 of 2)

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