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iCandy [Nightclub]
We are pleased to announce the official name of the new LGBT Nightclub coming to the Philadelphia Gayborhood is ICANDY.

ICANDY will have an official grand opening on March 19, 2011, and will offer a much needed alternative to the current club and bar scene.

ICANDY, and it's team, will be working closely with local and national groups, and organizations to connect to the community,and will be bringing a wide variety of events, and entertainment to the area.The club has a new owner,and management team, and is in no way a continuation of the now closed, and retired "12th Air Command".

The renovations have been underway since November of 2010 when the sale of the building was official,and are scheduled to conclude by March.

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254 S. 12th St
[12th and Spruce]
Philadelphia, PA
(267) 324-3500

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