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Toasted Walnut Bar & Kitchen [Lesbian/Gar Bar]
Toasted Walnut Bar & Kitchen is an expansive 3800 square foot venue, catering to our clientele with Quality and Equality as our compass. Soaring 17 foot ceilings, one wall displaying three 70" TV’s, another with funky pulley lights, and a lighted bar will welcome you into Toasted Walnut with an ambiance that is both comforting and stimulating. Following the main bar, lead your way down to a more intimate but vibrant setting; a granite bar-top that looks and kind of feels like leather! Maybe play a game of party pong under the spirit of Love is Love is Love. You will see we take it to the next level with a mezzanine over-looking the main bar; a view that is both tremendous, and allows for additional space. The mezzanine offers a third bar, an area to dance and where we plan on featuring live bands and Karaoke, as well as a private VIP room available for rent. We look forward to serving you, Philadelphia, and the neighboring public. “Toasted Walnut Bar & Kitchen: Quality and Equality, a perfect mix for your nightlife!”

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1316 Walnut Street
[13th and Walnut]
Philadelphia, PA

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