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Valanni [Mediterranean Cuisines]
Valanni introduces "Medi-Latin Cuisine" through a simple yet sophisticated menu. Latin flavors like chilies, coconut, and cilantro are masterfully fused with classic Mediterranean ingredients such as garlic, olives, and basil. Guests enjoy classics like paella, as well as signature dishes such a walnut crusted duck breast with coffee cocoa spiced glaze and mussels with chipotle chile, basil, and charred tomato broth. Tapas, small tasting dishes, are of particular interest to theatergoers looking for an after-show snack or a late-night meal, given Valanni's close proximity to the Avenue of The Arts. Creative Medi-Latin drinks like Sangaritas, Mojitos and Brazilian Pop can all be enjoyed at the bar.

Plus it's a GREAT place for brunch.

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1229 Spruce
[12th and Spruce]
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 790-9494

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