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Woody's Bar [Bar/Club]
Woody's is open 7 days a week. Located at 13th and Walnut, guests enter the main bar. A massive open space, floor to ceiling windows (open air during warm weather and weekends, a huge bar, video monitors, table seating for afternoon and evening happy hours, special events, a huge selection of imported and domestic draft beers, and music videos make this a great starting point for this landmark venue.

Happy Hour from 5PM-8PM Monday through Friday features a $5 drink menu, $5 food menu, and a $3 draft beer menu.

A secret passage on the weekends lead you to the chic art deco style cocktail lounge room called Rosewood which opens out to busy Walnut Street.

The second floor is The Suite, an old Hollywood style bar and dancefloor with DJ and down the hall is the main dancefloor where today's Top 40 remixes and House/Electronic Dance Music can be heard.

Woody's is over 21, and proper ID is always re

quired. Doors open at 5PM (effective March 2018)

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202 S 13th St
[13th and Walnut]
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 545-1893

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