Videos and Live Steams

100 Layers of Lipstick YIKES!

In their Burd Events Original Series debut, Aloe Vera and Lady Geisha-Stratton attempt the 100 Challenge with 100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick. Can they do

Logo Live with Brian Sims & Ritchie Torres

Logo Live with Brian Sims & Ritchie Torres In light of the recent invasion of the U.S Capitol by Trump rioters, #LogoLive host @johnnysibilly chats with PA State

14th Annual Kwanzaa Collaborative

Join Philly Black Pride as we celebrate the 14th Annual Kwanzaa Collaborative, which is a virtual event. The cultural celebration starts at 6pm, joins us

Guess That #ChristmasSong with Icon & Onyx

Do you put gin in your eggnog? Sounds like Icon does…. How weird.
Icon and Onyx have gathered around the Yule log to see if they can guess the Christmas song playing. Think you can?

Interested In – S1: E3 “Trade”

Parker goes to his first Grindr hook up and explores a new connection with Chase. Interested In is a coming of age series about the painful, steamy,