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I struggle to write about Gunnar’s work every damn year. Not because it’s not perfect, but becuase half of the fun of a Gunnar Montana show is the Magic that takes place inside the 100% transformed space.  From the second you step into the perfect venue (The Latvian Society on 7th and Spring Garden) you’re greeted with destroyed fairy tale books from your childhood, a clue that what you’re about to expereince won’t be all fluffy and light.

Before we dive into some more details you should know… This show is the whole package, and epic 60 minute tale that drags your emotions through the dirt without mercy and leaves you feeling so much more than satisified.  If you don’t get tickets by the end of the day, you’re an idiot, this show will sell out.

Alright, let’s see how I can do this without spoiling any of the Magic… What is Wroughtland?  Wroughtland is a world of fractured fairytales, answering questions like:  What if Cinderella was a bad as bitch? What if Hansel and Gretal were actually lovers? Does being “beastly” require claws? Is vanity contagious? What were little red’s true desires?

Through creative costumes and epic use of space Gunnar and his team of dancers( Jessica Daley, Adrian Plascencia, Shadou Mintrone and Stephi Lyneice) re-tell some of the most well known fairy-tells with heaping helping of wrought.  Webster says wrought = beaten out or shaped by hammering, and it couldn’t be a more perfect definition for the show. The dedication to the performace these dancers have is incredible, I gurantee each of them have more than 1 bruise.

Should you see this show? There’s not even a question about it, year after year Gunnar proves he’s not a one trick pony by bringing more to the table (stage) than ever before.  He’s going to kill me for spoiling some magic but I can’t go any further without mentioning the “Little Red” number.  Taking the stage solo little red  performs a dance of seduction to a 10+ foot metal wolf, culminating in a wet floor routine that left the audience speechless, at least until she garnished a well deserved full minute boistours applause.

I’m not the only one that’s gunning for Gunnar, half of facebook has blown up praising him –

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