Kink Haus is my New Sexual Orientation

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It’s that time of year again, where I get to spend 3-4 paragraphs gushing about Gunnar Montana‘s latest piece of performance art.  Every year I have the same issue, how the fuck do I describe what a GM (Gunnar Montana) production is?  It’s not just a dance piece, it’s not just a performance filled with emotion, it’s a fully immersive experience.  Continually I wonder if GM can top himself…

Let me tell you girl… this. show. was. FAB-U-FUCKING-LOUS.  For Fringe this year GM hand selected a  team of genuine artists: Avi Borouchoff, Jessica Daley, Dylan Kepp aka Iris Spectre, Frank Leone, and Stephi Lyneice all deserve a standing O.  These ground breaking performers left nothing (but their clothes) back stage!

But what is Kink Haüs?  In a talk back post-show Gunnar explains that the idea came when he and basically husband Michael Delbene were turned away from a notorious bar in Berlin.  He determined that if they wouldn’t let him in, he’d create his own Club where anything is possible and every kink imaginable is acceptable and praised.  As the show grew it became a way for Gunnar to incorporate his personal struggles (along with the struggles of many of us) to fit in the Gay Community.  The pressures to drink, do drugs, be skinny, screw everything and maintain a day job are a lot and the show weaves the line of self and public acceptance beautifully.

Loyal fans of Gunnar will recognize some of the props and pieces used, but don’t let that last sentence fool you into thinking they haven’t been re-worked into some amazing new works of art or dance props.  Of notable mention was what I would call the climax of the show, a full cast dance number with rainbow fans to “I Need a Hero.”  I am still talking about it 48 hours later and begging my boyfriend to sketch the moment, because just like any GM Production, once Kink Haüs closes the set is destroyed and this production will never be mounted again.

Speaking of praise I don’t want to forget to name drop two fellas that deserve a pat on the back and probably a vacation.  Michael Delbene can be found working the front door at most performances, but what makes him special is the dedication he has to running the business side of Gunnar Montana Productions.  This year (with Michaels’s help) GMP became a certified 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to bring new, creative and cutting edge visual and performance art to philadelphia via adults and youth programs!   Another moment of praise goes to the ever fierce Chris Coleman. Often times the men and women that run lights and sound for a production go un-noticed, but this wasn’t the case for this production.  Chris sat high above the stage in a DJ Booth and made sure everything ran seamlessly. So while the performers are running around making things fly, fall, drop and pop… Chris is ensuring we saw it all and were never left in the dark.

Kink Haüs runs through 9/24 at the The Latvian Society, you can get more information and tickets here –<

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