The 15th Annual Juried Art Exhibition

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

2020 has been fraught with incredible challenges and loss. While  this is something unique for many, the Queer community has been through moments like this before. And so we are uniquely equipped to address  this moment. We have always redefined parameters of time and space. Our embrace of failure, resilience and resistance is our strength, creating possibilities for a new world of liberation and love.

The William Way LGBT Community Center enters the new year with its 15th Annual Juried Art Exhibition. Being asked to serve as a juror was an honor that I was proud to accept. I was grateful to delve into the unfixed world of artists that create beyond delineations of conventional frameworks. This alternate, yet very real universe of magical makers transgressed boundaries, revealing their incomparable authentic selves. The breadth of work included the celebratory, interrogational, intimate, subversive and assertive. A fluidity streamed from the deeply rooted to the celestial. A language emerged, a knowing nod that communicated a commonality of survival, perseverance, and fortitude. This multi-generational show explores themes ranging from identity politics to mental health issues, desire, and history. The overarching result is a fleshy delivery of Queer manifestation.

Prices for works that are available for sale are listed within the captions for each artwork. 65% of each sale will go to the artist and 35% will go to the William Way Community Center to support our arts & culture programs. If you would like to make a purchase please email John Anderies, who will make arrangements to take your credit card information over the phone and make artwork delivery arrangements.

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