JocksPHL accused of transphobia

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UPDATE: Jocks PHL has released a revised apology letter

A recent post to social media from Donyx Rivers has raised some eyebrows. In that video, Donyx has alleged behavior from the management of JocksPHL

Donyx alleged the management often misgendered staff and customers. They also were allegedly quotes as saying “I have my one trans person, I have my quota”

Check out the video for yourself. 

JocksPHL released a statement online about this issues.

Re: Recent Social Media Posts

Jocks Bar LLC
1330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 545-1959

February 17, 2021

To the Community: We opened this establishment to offer the LGBTQIA+ community a safe place to enjoy with friends and entertainment. In light of recent developments, we feel it is important to let everyone know we take any and all concerns raised about the culture and inclusiveness of Jocks PHL seriously.

We previously worked with a group that consisted of current & former team members, along with outside consultants, to create policies encouraging any concerns to be brought forward, to multiple representatives, without any negative repercussions. From recent accusations, we have learned these policies weren’t fully understood, and as owners, we take full responsibility for this.

We encourage constructive criticism so we can be a better organization and better serve our community. For the past month, we have been in the process of creating a business rebranding strategy, which includes a gender-neutral name and qualified team members. We have redoubled our efforts in the community and will be conducting additional awareness and related training. This training is intended to be ongoing, and facilitated by a third-party professional, on a consistent basis for our team & ourselves. We also will be reaching out to a third-party professional to assist with evaluating our polices to help ensure we are meeting our goals. In this manner, we believe JocksPHL, us, as owners, and our entire community, will benefit.

We may not be perfect, but not everything on social media is accurate. We can only say that we, as owners & members of this community, sincerely apologize to anyone that may have felt uncomfortable or believed there was a lack of sensitivity or respect.


Kenneth Lowe Jr Co-Owner
Keenan Skinner Co-Owner
Jocks Bar LLC is a LGBTQ+ & Minority Owned Business

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