Greg Yorgey-Girdy Running for Philadelphia’s First Gay, Black Judge

Greg Yorgey-Girdy Might Become Philadelphia's First Gay, Black Judge


Greg Yorgey-Girdy is running for judge for Municipal Court in Philadelphia, a city with a historically broken justice system. If elected, he would be the first out gay Black man elected to judge in Municipal Court history. An experienced attorney with nearly two decades focusing on litigation, conflicts, and compliance, Yorgey-Girdy says he decided to run so that he can fight from within to ensure that court culture changes for the people of Philadelphia, specifically for those who are disproportionately impacted by the system. 

“As gay people, we are not one to sit around and be quiet. We have a history of being marginalized, We had one of the highest registrations [in 2020]. It's queer people getting out and doing it. I want the same for this election. It's important because it's a people's court, and a lot of people in the queer community come through that court. One of the things I've seen as a litigator, and personally, is that there's a lot of biases in the court… [LGBTQ+ people] come in and are stigmatized. I would remove all of that. It's extremely important that we have respect and fairness in our courtrooms.”
Greg Yorgey-Girdy Might Become Philadelphia's First Gay, Black Judge
Greg Yorgey-Girdy
Running for judge for Municipal Court in Philadelphia
Greg Yorgey-Girdy and his husband Paul
Greg Yorgey-Girdy and his husband Paul


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